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Jess Bezos

What is the Zendesk Community?

This forum is for Zendesk Admins, Agents, or people who are interested in learning more about Zendesk to ask and answer questions, share tips and best practices, and discuss uses of Zendesk products.

There are three primary things you can do in the Zendesk Community:

  1. Ask a question - i.e. how to set something up, troubleshooting, etc.

  2. Share a tip - have you figured out a great trigger setup or Guide theme customization? Write it up to share with other users!

  3. Provide product feedback - is there something you’d like to see in the product? Let our product teams know.

We have topics for each of these purposes broken down by product. If you want to ask a question related to Zendesk Chat, you would post in the Chat Q&A and Troubleshooting topic. If you have product feedback about Guide, you would post in the Guide product feedback topic and so on. For a full list of topics, go to the community home page and click on the “topics” tab.


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  • John Smith

    Thanks for the helpful post! This will really make things easier for me.